When you are staying at WINSTRUP HOSTEL | HOUSE RULES

For everyone to get along under the same roof there are a few things you should consider;

  • Be considerate towards your roommates who might want to go to bed early or not be woken when you get up early.
  • Keep your stuff in good order, use lockers and drawers for storage. Your roommates should not have to make large detours around your stuff.
  • Never put your backpacks or suitcases in your bed. You may have stowaways from that hostel in Tasjkent, now looking at taking up residence with us.
  • Also avoid leaving you luggage on the floor, use lockers and storage areas. It is a bit annoying to trip over someone’s luggage in the middle of the night when you are heading for the bathroom. It is also a lot easier for us to clean the floors.
  • Do not talk on your phone, Skype etc. late in the evening or during the night in your room. It is much better to use the lounge area for this.
  • Use headphones when you watch a movie or do something else that makes “noise” on your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • The door to the room is closed with a loud “clonk” (the door closers must be set to “hard” to ensure the fire protection provided by the closed door is functioning). Hold on to the door handle when the door is closing when others are sleeping in the room.
  • Do not use any other beds than those assigned to you in the Welcome Letter or use pillows or covers from other beds. Even if the bed is empty now, someone may be arriving late and will not be pleased when the bed is occupied or missing pillow / cover. Please ask (you have our phone number) if you need additional items. If we have not agreed on the additional cost for extra items in advance, we will charge SEK 250 per bed affected afterwards.
  • Smoking is definitely not allowed inside the hostel. It does not help if you open the window and stand there smoking, it is still not allowed. A smoking area is located to the right outside the wooden front door. Please use the large designated container mounted on the wall for your cigarette butts.
  • The kitchen is shared with other guests and it is your responsibility to clean up and wash up after you. Do not put dirty dishes in the sink (who do you have in mind should take care of them), put them in the dishwasher. If it is full of dirty plates etc, start the washing cycle, you will find dishwasher tablets in the cabinet between the sinks. If the dish in the machine is clean, empty it and put the stuff away. Pots and frying pans are cleaned in the sink and left to dry in the drainer. We will charge SEK 350 per hour to clean up the mess (if and when it is necessary).
  • The smoke detectors in the kitchen area will react to “smoke” coming from heavy frying or if the bread you are toasting (in the toaster or in the oven) is starting to burn. Lower the temperature when you are frying, start the kitchen fan and keep an eye on your stuff, both in the oven and the toaster. A visit by the Fire Department will cost at least SEK 11 000 for the one who caused the visit.
  • Do a little visual check when you have used the showers or the bathroom. Would you think it looks OK when you arrive after someone else!? The brushes are there for a reason!
  • Please leave your bed linen (and towels if you have rented one) in the grey bags in the reception area when you check out (pillow, cover and mattress covers stays in the pod).
  • Guests younger than 18 years must always have an adult in charge present at the hostel.
  • Never leave your valuables out of sight, neither in the room r in common areas. All lockers may be locked with a padlock, you may buy one from us if you need one.
  • Bear in mind that the area outside room Selma and Garbo is public and people are moving around outside the windows. Do not leave windows open when you are not in the room or your valuables out of sight when the window is open. It is no major effort to climb inside, and we do not want to put bars on the window since it will be more difficult to leave the room quickly if required.
  • Empty all your pockets (nails, keys, coins etc) before stuffing your clothes into the washing machine. Repair cost’s will be charged to the person causing the problems.

The list can be made much longer but you get the drift. If there is anything you do not agree with, please contact us immediately on +46 46 80 900. If you do not follow the rules, we might ask you to check out immediately with out a refund for your remaining stay.